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Babita is an experienced coach and mentor with over 30 years of expertise in driving growth across various business domains, including business development, strategic marketing, and commercialisation. Her extensive interaction with numerous business owners and founders is the foundation of her program, The Alignment Accelerator. This program is based on the idea that personal and business growth are interconnected, leading to inevitable success when they align.

Early in her career, Babita excelled in Enterprise Resource Planning, constructing pipelines for average sales of £1 million through well-defined strategies with measurable outcomes. She quickly progressed into management in her early 20s and went on to join the world's largest optics company. There, she played a pivotal role in European Marketing, focusing on brand strategy, communications development, and implementation planning. Babita believes that effective marketing acts as the driving force behind all business areas.

Founding bStrategic in Australia in 2003, Babita's focus on strategic marketing led to her transition into a Coach and Mentor role. Returning to the UK in 2006, she continued supporting large corporates and early-stage ventures across various sectors, including games, party, licensing, gaming, health and med tech, software, and education. Her tech venture in 2015 contributed to shaping The Alignment Accelerator, which helps founders understand the relationship between personal growth and business success and the importance of this happening in parallel.

Babita collaborates with multiple organisations as a Coach and Mentor, including Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge, across all UK Barclays Eagle Labs, Raising Starts, and over 30 co-working centres run by Oxford Innovation Space as an Associate Innovation Director. Alongside her business efforts, she has shared insights through lectures on entrepreneurial marketing for MBA and Business Studies students and lectures on how to effectively pitch to master communication and raise investment. Babita also mentors the Masters in Entrepreneurship students at the University of Cambridge, sits on the Board of some early-stage companies in Edtech and Games, and serves as an Advisor to a Venture Capital fund.

She's also a Non-Executive Director for the Global Entrepreneurs Network UK, connecting entrepreneurs from 200 countries.

Babita's enthusiasm lies in connecting people, fostering strategic partnerships, and cultivating networks of innovators, thinkers, and change-makers.


I have coached a diverse range of companies, across different industry sectors and work internationally with key clients


Key output of our work together is growth - both personal and business


My significant network of connections, enables businesses to build partnerships at scale

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